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What's this ?Edit

With this Flasher you can read or write the xbox 360's nand. It is very easy to build and costs about 25€. Unfortunatly if you dont have a LPT-port you wont be able to program the PIC, which is used in the flasher. But you can use a pci-lpt-card, which normally doesnt work with nandpro..

SoftwareEdit is dead)

PW: iamlazy

I am not sure if the program "PDFSUSB" is freeware/shareware so i removed it. Try to google it.

The flasher is built with PIC 18F2550, which is the cheapest out there. PIC 18F2455 works aswell.

Before you can build the flasher you need to program the PIC.

There are several ways to prog it. The easiest to build programmer is ART2003. Another programmer is the TAIT Classic Programmer.



Parts listEdit

1x 28 IC Socket

1x Resistor 220 Ohm1/4W

1x 47-100 uF 15V

18x Diodes 1N4148

1x DB25 Male Parallel Connector

Schematics for the ProgrammerEdit

Programming the PicEdit

program it with PicXBoot.hex

TAIT Classic programmerEdit

Parts listEdit

1x 74HCT 573

1x 270 Ohm 1/4W Resistor

1x 1K Ohm 1/4W Resistor

1x D-SUB ST 25

1x MKS-02 1,0µ

1x GS 28P-S

1x H25PR050

Schematics for the Programmer and programming the PICEdit

You need an external 5V supply, for this you can use a USB cable, cut it. Black-wire: GND, Red-wire: 5V

Programming the PIC: Download PicPGM, plug the PIC onto the programmer, plug it in and use PicPGM to flash PicXBoot.hex

Remove the both hooks from invert in the configuration, before programming.

The FlasherEdit

(thanks to DarkstarTM, cory1492, Straßenkampf and all others who were involved)


Parts listEdit

programmed PIC

1-220 nF cap

1-100 nF cap

2x 33pF cap

1-12 MHz resonator

5x 100 Ohm Resistor 1/4W

2x 10k Ohm Resistor 1/4W

some connectors for USB, the jumper and the SPI output/input

Programming the FlasherEdit

Solder it together, plug it in by USB, it will be recognized as Custom USB device, use the driver in "Driver for PDFSUSB". Start PDFSUSB and flash PICFLASH.hex to it. Unplug the flasher from the PC and plug it in again. It will now be recognized as "Memory Access", this time use the driver in "Driver for the Flasher", it will then be recognized as LibUSB...

Connect it to the xbox mainboard and use nandpro.

If the flasher gets recognized by nandpro but no flash config:

- wires going to the mobo either not soldered good or soldered to the wrong points

- wrong/forgot resistors

Dakaku 23:14, January 30, 2010 (UTC)